Monday, June 16, 2014

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#SpankA2Z Spanking Blog Challenge: "N" is for Naughty

Addy: I am so excited for Megan Michaels! She has a hot new book out and is my "N" in the Spanking Blog A to Z Challenge!

Megan: Thank you for promoting What Naughty Little Girls Get today. N = Naughty is definitely what these girls are and this blurb shows the naughtiness of both!


Almost an hour later, Brad looked up to see what time it was, it was past snack time. They had been so quiet, he wondered if they’d fallen asleep. He quietly padded down the hall in his bare feet and was not prepared for the chaos of purple that greeted him upon entering Molly’s playroom. Words escaped him and he wasn’t used to being speechless, speaking was what he did for a living. This, however, took the words out of his mouth.

“What. In. The. Name. Of. Hell. Is this?” He barely contained the growl. He used that dangerous voice Daddies used when they were so angry they didn’t know what to do. Molly jumped up and started running for the door, Brad grabbed her by the waist and said, “Uh-uh little girl, you are staying for the duration. No running today. Both of you, socks and shoes off.”

Meggie and Molly quickly removed their socks and shoes. And then he pointed to the hall and said, “I want both of you to go to the bathroom before we have this discussion. No talking. Move!”

He wanted to swat their bottoms as they walked by, but they both kept their bottoms against the wall as they ran out of the room. The toilet flushed twice and two very scared looking girls came back into the playroom, shuffling their bare feet.

“Daddy, we only—“

“No. You will not speak until I give you permission. Neither of you are to speak until given permission.” He took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling. How did this happen? They’re grown women surely they knew this wasn’t appropriate. What in the name of hell were they thinking? He closed his eyes and counted from thirty backwards….nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

“Okay, I need some time to think and survey the damage. I want each of you to pick a corner. Lift your dresses up and instead of pulling your panties down, you will pull up on the leg openings until your panties are wedged into your bottom. You will feel the uncomfortableness of having something forced where it doesn’t belong. It is wrong, uncomfortable, and doesn’t fit there. Kinda like the pictures in this room. These pictures don’t fit here; these pictures belong in your coloring books. You will stand with your panties forced into your bottoms and think about what you did and why it is wrong. Move, now.”



When Molly and Meggie are together, they always get into trouble—which means they always get spanked—and after they decide to meet for two-for-one margarita night at the local bar without notifying their husbands, Brad and Michael, they know they are in big trouble. Once the girls get home they are soundly spanked and sent to bed, but the next day Molly and Meggie are shocked to learn their husbands plan to punish them again—together this time—and this punishment will be much more embarrassing than just a spanking.

Although the women thrive on the love, care, and discipline their husbands give them, they still can’t seem to behave, which means Brad and Michael will have to keep on reminding them what naughty little girls get.

Publisher’s Note: What Naughty Little Girls Get is an erotic novella that contains spankings, age play, graphic sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Click here to buy from Blushing Books!

Stop by again tomorrow for the next letter in the challenge. In the mean time go check out all of the awesome blogs! 



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