Saturday, August 2, 2014

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#SatSpanks Saturday Spankings Blog Hop

Working Blurb:
Devon Dawson was in her junior year of college when she lost her father to a terminal disease and her mother in a car accident.

Devon though an adult by the world’s standards was orphaned in less than six month. She has no one to help her break down the wall she has built around herself and has turned to alcohol to drown out the grief.

On a whim she signs up for an elective about supernatural creatures with sexy Professor Matthews who has a no tolerance policy for disrespect. The handsome teacher is determined to bring back Devon’s motivation to excel even if he has to hold her accountable with physical consequences.

Will Devon allow Professor Matthews to push her to succeed or is she too numb to feel anything again?
The scene below takes place in office of Professor Matthews after Devon has agreed to his offer of guidance

“I didn't mean-” Devon gasped as he unbuttoned her jeans and tugged them down then off her feet. He repeated the process with her panties then moved up to her shirt. Matthews yanked it up and over her head then ran his hands down the straps of the bright pink garment. “Oh no....” He ignored her protest, unclasped her bra, slipped it down her arms, and removed it. He did all of it without breaking eye contact and it made Devon even hotter.

“It's not much of a punishment if you are soaked from the action.” Matthews took her hand firmly in his and brought her to the corner of the office. “I was going to grade assignments later but I'll do them now. Stand here and do not move until I tell you to.”
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  1. It's hard not to get all hot and bothered from a spanking, when you're a spanko.

    1. LOL For Devon it's the anticipation. I love it!!!! :)

  2. Corner time:)~ Sometimes our bodies betray us and we can't help ourselves.

  3. Hate it when my body betrays me. I think I would have been scared in her position but she must know that she has the power to leave and end things. This is the kind of story that would keep me wet the entire read

  4. It's kept me wet most of the writing so I will agree! :p I love the way he takes care of things.

  5. I love that he is going to grade papers while she stands naked. Hot little snippet!


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