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End of Summer Spanks Blog Hop: #Summerspanks Devon's Discipline from hunky Professor Matthews

It's the end of Summer and for many it signals the return to school. I'm sharing a snippet of my new release, Devon's Discipline about a young woman starting her junior year of college after tragedy takes both of her parents away. She finds joy in one class, Supernatural 101 taught by hunky Professor Matthews who has her best interest in mind even if she is too upset to see it. In the scene below he is discussing witches and werewolves, two topics covered in his course.
Be sure to leave your name and email in the comments below to be entered into the main prize drawing! I'm also giving away two copies of my new book. Some of our fabulous grand prizes include: a $25 Amazon gift certificate from Stormy Night Publications, a $25 Amazon gift certificate from Baronet Press, handmade paddle from Blondie, and many more!

 “I can’t do this….I can’t…..” Devon paced in front of the main campus building where her last class had been held. It was the day after her promise to meet up with Professor Matthews and she had ten minutes to get to the tiny cafe. Her stomach felt all tied up in knots. Why did I act like such a brat and then ask him to talk? Oh my gods he re-arranged his morning but I don’t want to go anymore! Why am I so nervous? Finally after another five wasted minutes she hurried to the location and went inside.
“I found a table over by the window unless you want to sit outside?” Matthews stood up from the small couch near the door as she walked in and gestured towards the large picture window across the room.
“No, by the window is great.” Devon forced her feet to move but could not help but watch the way his jeans hugged the curve of his ass perfectly. He’s my professor what am I thinking?
“You said you only dabble in the craft? Did you ever seek out anyone else?” He pulled her chair out for her and she sat hesitantly then scooted it against the table.
“Uh.” She set her book bag on the floor and looked up. Devon felt like a rocket scientist caught in a game of Simon Says. Why can't I think of anything to say?
“There used to be a coven on campus some years back even before the path became accepted by others.”
“I can do some spells but really only for my protection. I've also asked for guidance from a certain God or Goddess if I'm indecisive about something.” Devon played with her necklace as the waitress approached.
“Can I get you something?” The cute blond smiled broadly at Matthews and did not acknowledge her at all.
“I’ll have a tall vanilla latte with double light whipped cream with caramel syrup on top and chocolate syrup on the bottom.” Devon smiled sweetly.
“Uh…what?” The blond startled as if she did not see her. “I’m sorry honey what do you want?”
“Coffee in a big cup with sugar and half and half and lots of whipped cream all over.” Devon simplified the order since she had only made it sound complicated to get the waitress’s attention when she caught a glance from Matthews. He did not seem amused at her joke.
“I’ll have a tall mocha with an extra shot.” He patted the girl’s hand and she ran off to fill the order. Matthews brought his focus back to Devon. “You didn't give her a chance.”
“She got all mesmerized.” She clamped her hand over her mouth as her choice of words made her sound strangely jealous. What is my problem?
“Oh? You think I would have let her leave without taking your order? Or maybe I would just let her stare at me all day?” Matthews laughed as a wave of heat washed over her. “I’m sorry it’s just something I’m used to.”
“You’re used to gorgeous blonds falling into your lap?” Devon shot to her feet now embarrassed and irritated. “I’ve got to go.”
“Sit down. I’m not sure why you are on edge right now but your drink will be out in a minute.” He pointed at the space across from him.
“I don’t know why you want to talk to me anyway.” She jutted her chin out sure of her intent to leave when he reached up, tugged her towards him, and planted her on his knee.
“You asked me if I had time today.” He leaned to whisper in her ear. “Now I want you to stand up, brush off your attitude, and get back on the other side of the table before you draw more attention.”
“I don't have to listen to you.” Devon stiffened as he shifted to allow her to stand. “I'm sure you have more important things to do anyway.”
“No, you don't have to but if you really wanted to leave you would already be out the door.” Matthews nodded to the chair she had vacated. “I moved up a meeting to be here so this is my priority.”
“I'm sorry.” She mumbled then did as he requested though her thoughts ran wild. Why did he pull me? Why am I so turned on?
“The other day you said supernatural creatures are important to you, but you seem less than enthusiastic about your religion.”
“My best friend is a werewolf.” Devon ran her hands over the lip of the table to keep her hands busy. What do I care if stunning women fall into his lap anyway? It’s not like he would even notice me.
“Sounds like a low budget made-for-television movie.” Matthews slid her drink over to her. He took a sip of his own as she looked up appreciatively.
“Thank you.” She inhaled the sweet scent then sipped happily. She  didn't see the waitress come back and wondered why she had gotten so irritated earlier. “Lucy told me back when the two of us were in high school. I’ve done what I can to be supportive of her.”
“Has she faced discrimination or does she hide who she is?”
“I've never thought about it. Lucy has always been open with me but the only time I can remember involved other werewolves. When we were freshmen this girl got all up in her face. This kid in our class went missing and she said Lucy should try to track him unless he had become her dinner.”
“I remember reading about that in the local paper. He ran off to Vegas with his girlfriend to elope and scared his whole family. I guess the girl just wanted to rile your friend.”
“It is not a good idea to get Lucy worked up ‘cause she has a short fuse. I don't think she means to get angry but when she has to force herself to play human all the time it drains her energy.” Devon took a long sip from the cup. “I found out later the girl is also a wolf but I never knew why she picked on her.”
“It could be for any number of reasons. Werewolves are usually about protecting their own unless there is more to the story?”
“Of course since there are always three sides to every story. One side, the other side and the truth in the middle.” She titled forward in her chair. “Why did you yank me onto your lap before?”
“I really wanted to bend you over it to correct your behavior but this is a public place.” Matthews gave a small shrug. “You threw a fit for no reason after I shuffled around my schedule so I don't appreciate it.”
Devon took another sip then snorted her coffee as the mental image of herself prone across his thighs flitted through her mind. She set the mug down as she relearned how to breathe and recovered from the burning sensation in her nose. Tears welled over her eyes as well and she wiped at them furiously.
“Are you all right?”
“Mmhmm.” She dabbed the napkin to her nose and mouth then reached for another to clean up the mess. “Uh, you said what?”
“I mentioned a change in your perspective.” Matthews handed her another napkin. “You seem to be headed down a bad path and I would hate to watch you follow it.”
“Then close your eyes and forget about me and my choices.” Devon threw down her napkin and crossed her arms over her chest. He had a point but it only pissed her off. I don't need his help!
“Why did you bring the conversation back to you?” Matthews rose to his feet to pay the bill then returned. “I thought you wanted to talk about other things.”
“I don't know. Let's pretend this didn't happen. Just forget me and move on.” Devon gasped as he set his palms flat against the table and caught her eyes in his.
“This conversation isn't over. Do not disrespect me again or I will handle the situation immediately.” He bent in closer. “Do you understand what I mean?”
“No. You've made all these odd comments about my attitude and correction but I'm completely confused. What are you saying?” Devon swallowed hard as the purple sheen in his eyes darkened.
“I believe in physical consequences in response to bad choices to alter future ones. If you continue this behavior around me I will spank you.”
“Whatever.” She ducked under his arm to stand up. “Thank you for the coffee. I apologize for interrupting your day. Good-bye.” Devon rushed out before he had a chance to reply. She figured he would be annoyed but had no intention of a follow through. Her panties gave away her real feelings as she felt wetness pool in between her thighs. Damn it! He had turned her on with his threat of punishment and she had no idea how to react. Could he really mean what he said?
Devon stormed down the road turned the corner. “How dare he say I’m making bad choices when he doesn’t even know me!” She grumbled to herself. “I don’t even want to pretend I know what he meant by saying he will spank me!” She cursed under her breath irritated at her choice to take the long way home when she saw a figure propped up against a lamp post. Devon got closer and realized Professor Matthews stood there with something in his hand.
“Did you know I went home this way?”
“Sort of. You forgot your bag so I took a short cut to get it back to you.” He held the cross-body pack out to her along with a small card.
“Um thanks.” Gods I am mortified! Devon accepted them and slipped the bag over her head.
“If you find yourself stuck somewhere give me a call. I'll see you in class.” He moved past her and headed up the road.

“I'll think about it. See you.” Devon looked down to see his office and cell phone numbers. She tucked the card in her back pocket than hurried home. How could I have been so rude?

Following the tragic loss of her parents, Devon Dawson has turned to alcohol as a way to cope
with the grief and her college grades are dropping fast. Things seem to have hit rock bottom
when she is called into the office of Professor Matthews and scolded like a naughty schoolgirl.
The handsome professor informs Devon that he’ll be keeping a close eye on her and warns her
that if he feels it necessary, he will not hesitate to spank her soundly.

It isn't long before Devon ends up over Professor Matthews’ knee for a hard, bare-bottom
spanking. But even though he treats her like a wayward child, she finds herself inexplicably
drawn to him. It seems sometimes as if he can read her most intimate thoughts, and there is a
mysterious, supernatural power about him which she cannot ignore.

With the help of his firm hand, Devon begins to put her life back together. By the time she
realizes that she is falling in love with him, she is in too deep to turn back. She craves his touch
and wants him to take all that she has to offer, but when she discovers the truth about him she
wonders if he will be able to protect her from his own dark desires.

Publisher’s Note: Devon’s Discipline is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual
scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

I hope you have enjoyed the post! Go check out the rest of the amazing blogs and be sure to leave your name and email in the comments to win a copy of Devon's Discipline!

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