Friday, October 10, 2014

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You're putting it where? Round Table Discussion #Analpunishment #spankingroundtable

This week’s discussion is led by Corinne Alexander!

Once upon a time in spanking romance land spankings & punishments consisted of strictly spanking; hand or implement and bottom. In the last couple of years spanking romance authors have delved a little beyond just straight spanking. It seems that now more often than not a little or a lot of anal play & punishment are added to the scenes to increase the spice factor.

Does anal punishment/play in a spanking romance get you all hot and bothered or is it a definite scene skipper for you?
What elements do you like?
What elements are turn offs to you?
Do you personally add this element to your stories?
Feel free to add your thoughts as both a reader & a writer!

Corinne's topic dreams up so many...many...many naughty ideas! I think in many ways anal scenes in a book bring that element of taboo but honestly it makes me hotter than any other type of play. I literally turn into mush as a reader (well and as a writer) and enjoy descriptive scenes that make a character squirm.

I have added a few as well as threats - In Marked by the Alpha Mason gives Dani a suppository to help clear the drugs the hunters shot her up with when she was captured. The delicious authority of him firmly taking her over his thighs and intruding on her back door...oh...hell...well you see....why now, right?

I've started to insert (giggle snort) more anal into my writing....(Renee Rose you are rubbing off on me!) that is more than just anal sex.

I've had a secret taboo that made me hot when I read about it that I didn't think made anyone else hot until I picked up Sue Lyndon's Dark Without You. Holy hell. He took her temperature. In her bottom. Prior to a spanking. SQUEEEEAL.

Yes, actually, those thoughts flew through my head in that exact manner and ever since then I've slid a few thermometer scenes in to my works in progress. I'm not huge on medical play (that is a whole 'nother discussion) but a strong alpha with a thermometer in his hand (EMT wins extra points) YES PLEASE!

Sorry, made myself distracted. Yes, I personally add the element but I don't force it. If my characters aren't meant to do any backdoor explorations it doesn't happen.

 Anal plugs inserted prior to punishment or as punishment, enemas, suppositories, anal beads (have yet to see these in a book but I feel like the anticipation of each one going in/coming out could make the tension amazing), finger, thermometer are all totally fun to read/write about. Oddly enough I'm not super into reading about anal intercourse because I feel like there are so many more toys to play with. 

Basically for anything you as a writer find hot someone is bound to agree.

Would be totally happy to discuss this more through the comments below. Thanks for stopping by!




  1. "I've started to insert (giggle snort) more anal into my writing." HEH, you went there, just like I would have. High five! And I loved reading your post, Adaline.

    1. *high fives* LMAO. I love when you stop by. You should totally come sit on Addy's Couch. It will be a blast.

    2. I will sit on your couch ANY TIME. Just email me! Let's light this candle. :)

    3. I know I woke up late and I'm like CRAP I didn't do anything I thought I was going to do... love Sunday morning. :p

  2. Mmm yes, rectal temperature taking is a huge turn on for me. Always has been.

  3. (Giggle snort) Ha-ha-ha.... Love that.
    Great post Adaline ☺

  4. heh would it earn me a spanking if I 'fessed up to tiny eye roll at "you're putting it where?" I know I'm silly... but it rubbed off on me from my Master 'cause He's been silly enjoying read aloud parts of some hoppers in this conversation. Suppositories intrigue me- I can't think of but one short story where I've seen them used and it's not something I have IRL experience with.

    1. I haven't seen them done in many books other than serious academy type books where women are trained for...err..whatever their training for. I can't stomach those books though...just saw it on the previews.

  5. So glad I'm rubbing off on you. :) And I loved the title. :)

  6. I've got one more comment to leave and then I am off to read Marked by the Alpha again. I'd forgotten about that scene, but there's no forgetting how HOT it was. It was a good book to begin with, but that scene bumped it into my favorites folder. I'm going to have to pick up Sue Lyndon's Dark Without You, too. I don't know how that one got away from me. Thank you for both plugs, and wonderful post!

    1. I totally didn't mean to plug either book they just made me hot, you know? Though Sue's books always do that to me.
      Yours do too. Now I just want to stay in bed and read. LOL


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