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Addy's Saloon: Mary Wehr #addyscouch

Addy: Hi Mary! I'm so happy you came over today!

Mary: Thank you for having me. It's been a busy month already! Too busy, Adaline. This month is Thanksgiving already! Thanks so much for hosting me and sharing my new release, 'Charley's Pride'.

Addy: I know! November is flying by. So, your past two releases were Westerns, is that your favorite type of romance to write?
Mary:  I love reading romance stories set in the 1800's. Love them cowboys *winks*
 When Blushing Books asked me to write a story for a Western Box set they were putting together, I jumped at the chance to try my hand at writing one of my own instead of just reading them. Now I'm hooked. It's like the John Wayne era where men were men and women were glad of it. Life may have been a lot more difficult back then, but just the thought of a hot sexy cowboy makes you want to swoon. Of course it's all fantasy, but that's what reading fiction is all about.

Addy: Oh! I can't argue with that logic. I love cowboys. *laughs* What is your favorite type of book  to read?  
Mary: Spanking romance is on the top of my list whether it's Contemporary, Victorian, Western. As long as the hero is a firm believer in using spanking as a form of punishment, but not to the point of abuse. The heroine must be feisty and not afraid to speak her mind. The hero should be stern but not the type of man who wants to break her spirit. Witty dialogue is a plus.
Addy: My heroines are always feisty and sassy but I also like them to be strong or at least strong at one point then get back to where she was. Stern heroes always win in my book too.
I like finding out the answer to my next question because for a long time I had spanking in my stories and I always edited them out! Who inspired you to write spanking romance?
Mary: *laughs* Reading all those hot spanking books from Blushing Books got me thinking of writing one of my own!

Addy: I think Blushing makes a lot of us wonder if we can! I love their stories.
Have you ever thought of writing a series? What would it be about?  
Mary: I thought about writing a series, but I'd probably be a nervous wreck if I was given a deadline! *grins*
 Jack and Melanie from my first published romance,  'A Heart's Endeavor' make an appearance in 'Her Heart's Desire'. There's another story I'd like to finish for what I call, 'My Heart Books line', but I haven't had a chance to work on it. I've been busy with my Historical Westerns. Another story will come from 'Charley's Pride'. I'll be writing Nathan and Bonnie's story next. I suppose we can call that a series without a deadline
Addy: Oooh! I'm happy to hear about more Westerns on the horizon. One of my new favorite questions is, " If you were trapped on a deserted island what would be in your "can't live without" suitcase?"
Mary: I 'd need a big suitcase so I could bring hubby and my pets along. I'd be lost without my family and my critters.  I'm such a sap. Seriously though, I like to read so I'd need my Kindle and the means to be able to download books.
Addy: It's all about what is important! I totally get it. Have you ever gotten a review that sparked another book, for example a fan rooting for a minor character?
Mary: Not until 'Charley's Pride'. A reviewer commented that the little town of Swiftwater,Kansas sounded like a nice place for another story. In CP, there's enough characters for perhaps two more stories which I'll be working on to keep me busy during the Winter. 
Addy: That's awesome! Thanks again for stopping by. We're sharing an excerpt from Mary's new release.
Mary: Charlotte ‘Charley’, and Slade meet for the first time. He’s not aware Charley is a girl, but Charlotte is certainly aware Slade is a man and a handsome one at that. Enjoy!

Charlotte cast one last glance at the huge platform behind her. The journey by train had gone off without a hitch. No one seemed to notice the young boy seated by himself. Clutching her bag to her chest, she weaved her way through the crowd, anxiously searching for the stage depot. When she found it, she hurried forward and paid her passage to Kansas. A man who introduced himself as Smitty took her bag and threw it on top of the stagecoach. He merely pointed to the small rickety ladder provided and she slowly climbed aboard. Once she was seated, another passenger had arrived. He was almost inside when the ladder swayed. Alarmed, he lunged and landed at Charlotte's feet. She immediately reached out, but he waved her hand away and climbed onto the seat by himself. Another five minutes had passed and when no one else showed up to board, Smitty shut the door. They were on their way to Kansas. Charlotte made herself more comfortable and closed her eyes.

"Whoa, Smitty, hold up a minute."

Charlotte's eyes shot wide open and she immediately straightened in her seat, anxious to see to whom that deep, booming voice outside the coach belonged. Her heart thumped wildly. The door swung open and she almost burst into a fit of nervous giggles.

Staring was downright rude, but she couldn't keep herself from ogling the handsome man.

This was the closest she had ever gotten to a real cowboy since she had been a little girl and she was going to enjoy every minute of it as a woman. Besides, he probably wouldn't give a hoot if she crossed her eyes and poked out her tongue.

His barely there nod set her tummy to flutter. He was so tall he had to hunch down or his head would have surely bumped the top of the coach. She only had a second to note how his broad shoulders tapered to a lean waist before he sat down. Denim pants wrapped snugly around muscled thighs and long legs. Her gaze settled upon his large hands and a tingle started at her toes, traveled up her legs, shot straight up to her hairline and settled between her legs. Charlotte clenched her pelvic muscles and it felt as if she had wet herself. She licked her lips and continued her perusal. There was a hint of a mustache on his upper lip and his chin sported dark stubble. Tiny lines at the corner of his eyes gave him a mature appearance and added to his appeal. She closed her eyes and sighed. She had to admit, he was much better looking than her dream man. Too bad she had to pretend to be a boy. She would have liked to practice a little flirting.

* * * * *

Slade grew more annoyed with each passing minute. Surely, the young brat seated across from him had been schooled in proper behavior. Staring was rude. Where were the kid's parents?

He was way to young to be traveling by himself. Maybe he was an orphan. A scrawny orphan at that. A strong wind could easily blow him over and those effeminate features had to be a curse. Slade had no doubt the poor kid had been a brunt of many jokes regarding his gender. Slade despised bullying of any kind. The very idea of the young boy possibly being subjected to abuse sickened him. Even though the boy irritated him, he'd make sure he came to no harm on the trip to Swiftwater. After that, the boy was on his own.



Separated from her father for ten years, Charlotte was determined to leave Boston and travel to Kansas with or without her mother's permission.

Propriety be damned! If it wasn't proper for a young girl to travel alone, she would disguise herself as a boy.

A man was considered lucky if he had a steady job, a roof over his head and an obedient wife. Ranch foreman Slade Hazard already had two out of the three.

A couple of docile ladies lived in Swiftwater, Kansas, and would fit his needs nicely. He might not be in love, but he'd be a faithful husband, a good provider and hopefully, in due time, a father. Yep, he knew exactly what he wanted, that is, until he met Charlotte "Charley" Henry.

The train ride to Cheyenne had gone off without a hitch, just as Charlotte thought it would. The jaunt on the stage taking her to Swiftwater, Kansas, should be a cinch. Even better, the tall, broad shouldered man sharing the stagecoach was a dream come true. A pity she couldn't reveal her true gender to the handsome Slade Hazard, and try a bit of flirting. Then the stagecoach is held up by a trio of bandits. Slade is determined to keep the passengers safe, even if he has to threaten the unruly 'boy' with a good strapping.

Charley's sassy mouth lands her into trouble and when the truth of her gender is in danger, she has no choice. She must reveal herself to Slade.

Charlotte had never been spanked in her entire life, but Slade soon remedies the matter more than once. Her dream man wouldn't dare take her across his knee, but would she be content with a man she could run roughshod over?

Slade thought he knew what he had wanted in a wife, but he actually enjoys sparring with the fiery redhead. Is it possible to fall in love at first sight? When Charlotte disappears just as the prisoner is released, more than one man fears for her safety. But who will find her first?



  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Adaline <3

  2. Enjoyed this book, Charley is quite a character.

  3. I love the excerpt. Charley is definitely my kind of heroine. It's on my TBR as soon as the madness of this couple of weeks is over.

  4. I'm in the middle of this right now & it is so good! I highly recommend! Great interview!


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