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#AddysCouch Maddie Taylor: Sweet Surrender and Bizarre Phobias

Addy: I finally have the awesome Maddie Taylor on my couch! I've done some redecorating again. I just love the warm golden colors. Seriously, I'm going to keep this room I think. *smiles warmly at Maddie*

Maddie: Hi Adaline! Thanks for having me over. I do love the couch! 

Addy: We're talking about bizarre phobias today, here out in the open *whispers* Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking.

Maddie: *nods encouragingly* But we're not in public. We're on a couch. Those lovely pillows could make you pillow phobic but we're perfectly safe. 

Besides, just be happy you're not afflicted with Malaxophobia.

Addy: *eyes widen* Fear of foreplay!? There's a thing for that? *shakes head and tsk tsk under her breath* You're so right. Or worse Pediophobia!

Maddie: *gasps* Fear of dolls! Addy! That's real. Those little China dolls that have eyes that follow you around the room is nothing to play with!

Addy: Maybe that's why their eyes follow you. They just want to be...played...with. *clears throat* I understand.
I think I should start asking my characters if they have any irrational fears.

Maddie: Irrational or not- phobias are serious. I have recently heard of Rectophobia.

Addy: Is that the fear that Renee Rose is no longer the Queen of Anal?

Maddie: *shoots Addy a look* No! It's fear of anal sex. Silly name. I would have called it analpenetrataphobia. That makes a lot more sense.

Addy: *snickers* I like your term better. There's no guessing involved!

Maddie: *grins evilly* Well, you can always make one of your characters have Hummerphobia.

Addy: I think you made that up. Does it involve a large truck?

Maddie: Really Addy? We've been talking about naughty phobias....

Addy: *claps hands excitedly* Oh! Oh! It's fear of making your lips go, Hmmmmmmmm.*imitates noise*

Maddie: Addy! *laughing* It's fear of giving blow jobs!

Addy: *jots down notes* I'm totally stealing that one. Thanks so much for coming over and chatting. Are you going to share an excerpt from Sweet Surrender? *crosses fingers* Please?

Maddie: Yes, of course! Thanks for being part of my blog tour.

Addy: Be sure to join in on the Sweet Surrender Blog Tour for more hot excerpts, interviews and lots of prizes.  



“You’re very welcome. Now, dry your tears and let’s hit the beach. We have one day of warmth and sunshine before we have to head back to midwinter chills, snow, and ice and I’d like to spend it making love, walking hand in hand in the waves or slathering sunscreen onto your gorgeous body. Love that bikini, by the way.”
“I do too, but I didn’t pack one. I found this in a drawer; funny how it happened to be my size.”
He shrugged, a hint of a smile on his lips.
She suppressed hers although she knew her eyes gave her amusement away; she felt it bubbling up inside. Still she called him on his certainty. “You knew if you got me to the beach, for a romantic wedding, staying in this beautiful house, I’d cave under your charm. You were darn sure of yourself.”
“I’d prefer to think of it as eternal optimism.”
“Hmm… do you give lessons?”
“I’m trying, cara.”
She grinned up at him, pulling his head down until their lips were barely touching. “I love you, bello mio, and if I ever act this foolish again, promise me you’ll toss me over your shoulder, carry me off to a quiet spot, and paddle my behind until I see reason. This spot should do nicely, in fact.”
He chuckled, hugging her tight. “By all means, bella mia, that will be my duty as your husband, and my pleasure.”

The Blurb:

Abandoned by her father at a young age, Jessie Swanson swore she’d never again depend on any man, let alone someone with Dr. Marc Trent’s reputation as a player. Upon being assigned to work a shift as Marc’s nurse, she vows to keep things entirely professional, but when the darkly handsome surgeon asks Jessie to dinner her promises prove no match for his golden-brown eyes.

One date turns into another, and then another, and the better Jessie gets to know Marc, the more his take-charge personality appeals to her. She soon finds herself craving his dominance in the bedroom as well, and when he takes her over his knee, bares her bottom, and spanks her long and hard, she is left blushing and begging for more. But after Jessie learns that Marc’s mother and sisters are unhappy about their match, she retreats into her work, sure that a girl who used to call a trailer park home can’t possibly have a future with someone like him.

When Marc puts his foot down about Jessie’s excessive overtime hours and her failure to take care of herself properly, things come to a head. Jessie decides to move on rather than risk losing her independence to a man she fears will one day cast her aside, but Marc doesn’t give up easily. Will the wounds of Jessie’s past keep them apart forever, or can Marc prove to her that he is not only a man she can depend on, but one worthy of her surrender?

Publisher’s Note: Sweet Surrender is a stand-alone sequel to Sweet Salvation. It is a full-length erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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  1. Thanks for having me on for a few laughs, giggles and snorts, Addy. Your couch was beautiful, comfy and a great place to hang out.


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