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Marie Hall: Royal Scold Worship Series Book Two

I'm sharing an excerpt from Marie Hall's newest release, Royal Scold, Worship Book Two. Thanks for stopping by!

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  “Io,” he whispered in her ear. Io jumped, how hadn’t she heard him come so close? “I warned you, you cannot say you did not bring this on yourself.” Xavier pushed her aside and pulled out the chair, sitting down hard, he yanked her down over his lap.
  “No, Xavier, no.” She put her hands back to keep him from lifting the smock she wore. “I will not disturb you, sleep.”
  “We are both going to sleep this night.” Xavier captured her hands holding them as he pushed the skirts high. “Unfortunately for you, sleep will come after this overdue lesson.”
  “This is not just,” Io claimed, relieved when he stopped raising her skirts.
  “Io, you have been told.” Xavier resumed exposing her legs and thigh not stopping until the material was gathered on the small of her back. “Three nights now I have let it pass. No more.”
  “I only wish you, us safe.” Io kicked her legs and squealed when Xavier’s big hand settled on her.
  “One more time Io, there is nothing safe in leaving a dangerous weapon lying about.” Xavier didn’t sound angry so perhaps he’d relent.
  “What about…” She sniffed. He might give in if she sounded contrite.
  He sighed, his callused fingers tickling at her skin and warming her in a place she much preferred, “Io, I have told you and this is the last time. You are safe in this tent with me. You are safe in this camp with everyone else. I have been coming to The Forks most of my life and there is rarely trouble.” She felt him sit back, straighter, stiffer his fingers stilled. “No one, Io, is going to hurt you.”
  “But you…” Io persisted only to tense when his hand lifted from her.
  “I will worry about me Io,” he said.
  Io was so relieved when the marks from the cane faded, when she could sit and move without pain or discomfort. She thrilled to the fact Xavier could touch her, grab her, and hold her without a sharp reminder of how disappointed he was with her. With the first resounding smack he undid it all. Put her back in a fog of pain. And he didn’t stop at one.
  “No,” Io cried and tried to twist away.
  His hand cracked down again. “You will stop with the weapons.”
  “Xavier, please I want…” He pulled his hand back, and before she could finish expressing her desires, it cracked down.
  “You will stop.” He trapped her kicking legs and his palm landed again.
  “Can you keep…” Io words ended on a wail when a fast, hard volley of blows landed.
  “This is not a,” Xavier started, and then lit into her with another long set, of hard swats, “negotiation.” He aimed lower and set about heating the tops of her thighs, “Io.”
  “Xavier,” Io squealed his name.
  “Will you relent?” He stopped his assault, rubbing gentle circles on her battered flesh.
  “Xavier.” She sniffed, for all he punished her already, there was no real hurt.
  “You relent?” His hand stilled.
  “Can I have back my knife?” Io realized, too late, it was the stupidest thing to say. Xavier’s heavy sigh corresponded with his grip around her waist tightening.
  “Io,” was all he said, before the real punishment began.
  Io regretted the stubbornness which led her to this. Her regret increased in proportion to the pain he inflicted on her poor backside. “Stop,” she cried out when he focused his smacks on that spot, “Stop.”
  Io didn’t know why she fought him, she never won, and it ended the same each time, her voice gone, her throat scratchy, her whole body exhausted and her arse burning and throbbing. With a sob she let it end the same way again. She dropped her head and waited for him to finish exacting the toll he felt she owed.
  His hand stilled almost as soon as she gave up leaving it resting, threatening, on the swell of her bottom. “You relent in this, Io?” She nodded, but tensed when his fingers tapped on a tender spot. “Do you relent, Io?”

United by a royal contract, Io Desmond has found pleasure and pain under Xavier’s firm and steady hand. But trust is not something Io affords to anyone and without it she cannot receive the full measure of what Xavier will give her.
Bound by love and lust, Xavier Brice would give Io the affection and discipline she requires to feel cared for and safe. But he’s never faced anything like the inner demons holding Io away from the offer of home and stability.
If Io’s doubts and fears prove stronger than Xavier’s promise of protection and devotion the challenge could tear them apart. If Xavier’s promise of commitment and dependability can rise above, then together, through the pleasure and the pain, they will find love.
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