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Marie Hall: Warrior's Scold Worship Series Book One

I'm sharing a snippet from Marie Hall's new release, Warrior's Scold! Book two is coming soon!

Warrior’s Scold Worship Series Book One  

Xavier Brice is a feared man. The king's own executioner and most loyal man.
Io Desmond is a nobody who has stayed alive being independent and self reliant. She is loyal only to her own needs.
When the king brings these two people together wills clash and hearts pound. Xavier must first show Io that trust is possible before his demands for obedience can be met. Io must trust that obedience does not mean subjugation. Together they will give and take in the name of pleasure pain and love.
The winning man stopped mid-swing, lowered his weapon and lifting the helm from his head, turned and looked right at Io. Her heart jumped to her throat and a chill swept over her. Xavier was angry; more than she thought a man could be, and he came straight towards her.
“Come.” Mark grabbed her, dragging her backwards then behind him.
The others stepped into Xavier’s path, speaking franticly with him. He seemed to be listening although his eyes still bore into her. He handed his weapon and helm over to Ian and then pulled the protective leather tunic from his sweaty body and gave that to Ian as well. Gerald said something to him to which he gave a sharp affirmative nod then the two men stepped aside and Xavier had only to get through Mark. Mark stepped aside and Io wondered at the acute feeling of betrayal which passed through her.
“What did I say Io?” He’d a dangerous tone and his look matched.
“I waited.” She swallowed hard. “I did not go far. I---”
“What did I say?” He bellowed.
Io told herself to run but her feet hesitated a moment too long. He wrapped his left arm around her, lifting her off her feet and pulling her into his hip, so she dangled upside down. He shoved her surcoat aside and brought his hand down, with considerable force, on her defenseless bottom.
“What did I say?” He asked again emphasizing each word with a smack, each harder than the one before. Io’s limbs flailed in the air. She couldn’t escape his grip or his hand which seemed to grow stronger the more he used it on her. “What did I say?” He growled at her.
“I did not wander. I did not,” she screamed.
She suddenly found herself on her feet, being shaken like a rag. She couldn’t focus on his face for all the tears, or stop dancing in place trying to ward off the hurt he caused.
“What did I say to you?” He shook her again. “Tell me what you were told?”
Io managed to gulp in enough air to get words past the sobs. “Stay close, do not wander.”
“That is exactly what I said,” he told her before placing her back in that horrible position and resuming the punishment. It went on forever. Before he set her on her feet again he used the flat of his hand to start a blaze from her hips to her knees and then he continued to apply that large, hard hand to raise the heat so it burned more intensely at the spot where her seat became thigh.
Io gave up the struggle, she didn’t know if she’d begged him to stop, all she could hear over the loud smacks was her screams but in her head she begged like no one ever before. A final blow and she was standing on wobbling legs. He lifted her chin, she closed her eyes to him, not wanting to see whatever might be there. A moment later he let her go and stormed away. Io’s legs gave out and she hit the dirt with a howl of pain. All she could think to do was curl up in a ball and cry. Even as she tried she was pulled back to her feet.
“Stand up my lady.” Ian pulled on her and she was held between him and Gerald. They said nothing, gave no comfort just held her on her feet while she cried. She cried till she felt sick, cried until she was too tired to keep crying. Mustering what energy she had left she picked up her head and looked around. Everywhere people starred. Some might have looked concerned but most seemed amused by her suffering.
Nothing changes. Io took a staggered breath and tried to pull free. Everyone’s pleasure at my suffering, nothing changes. She pulled her right arm free then tried to pry the hand off her left.
“Let go.” She gained her freedom with one violent yank that sent her toppling back.
“Io.” Mark reached for her but she deftly avoided him.
“I cannot, will not stay here.” She took a step first in one direction then in the opposite direction, but she didn’t know which way would take her away.

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