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"I can't do what, Maxine?" Hot new release Unacceptable Behavior from Morganna Williams

Morganna Williams has a hot new book out and I'm thrilled to share a hot excerpt with you all today! I've only gotten to read the sample so far, but already it's burning a hole in my IPAD waiting for me to come back! I love the dynamic of the two characters so much, and the cover is just smoking hot. Best of luck with your new release! You're always welcome!


She jumped up and hurried down the hallway to Rafe’s office. Max wasn’t exactly sure what was happening but childhood had ingrained the knowledge that anything higher than three was really bad.

Her heart was pounding in her chest as she skidded to a stop and plopped down into the chair in front of his big desk.

The light flickered on behind her. Max held her breath with an air of expectancy. She had no idea what she was expecting, but the way her tummy was doing flip-flops said it wasn’t good.

Strong thighs came into view as Rafe seated himself on the edge of his desk in front of her. Max gulped.

“Look at me, young lady.” Again with the soft-spoken command.

Max stared straight ahead, afraid of what she’d see in his eyes if she looked up. He would surely hate her now.

“Maxine…” he drawled slowly, as if to wring every ounce of displeasure with her he could from the two syllables.

Max looked up to meet his eyes. The stern look that met her caused her bottom to clench of its own volition.

“You want to tell me what happened out there?”

“I rear-ended you?”

One dark brow rose.

“It was an accident…”

“What were you doing when you had the accident?”

“Ummm… well, I guess I was… changing the radio station… yes, changing the radio station and only took my eyes off the road for a second and…” Max was warming to her explanation.

“You wanna try again?”

Max frowned. “No, I just told you what happened…” Her stomach plummeted from about twenty stories when he pulled her cell phone from his shirt pocket. Please let it have gone dead… please.

“Now it seems to me you were reading a story about a girl named Amanda getting her butt busted,” Rafe said baldly.

So much heat filled her face, Max thought she would spontaneously combust at any moment. This was mortifying.

“You wanna tell me what Miss Amanda did to warrant such discipline?”

She didn’t answer but watched Rafe put a finger to the side of his face as he pretended to think about it.

“Hmmmm, what could she have done…? Could she have been reading while driving and rear-ended Jack?”

All that Max could manage with the huge lump in her throat was a horrified squeak and a shake of her head in response.

“Cat got your tongue?”

She closed her eyes as even more heat rushed up her neck and a pounding started in her ears. Max wondered if it was possible to expire with embarrassment then realized she couldn’t be that lucky. “She forgot to pay the water bill,” she said softly.

Rafe took a minute to admire her color-infused face before getting up to get the straight-backed desk chair by the window. Setting it down a few feet from Max, he rolled up his sleeves.

Max finally risked opening her eyes when the silence grew too long to bear. The sight of the chair and Rafe rolling up his sleeves made her shoot straight up in her seat.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“What does it look like?”

She decided to do the only sensible thing and run. Unfortunately she didn’t even make it to the door before Rafe was standing in front of it blocking her exit, so she pivoted sharply and ran to the other side of the desk to put it between them.

“Come here, Maxine,” Rafe said softly as he stalked slowly around the desk, while she circled in the opposite direction, making sure to keep the desk between them.

“No way, José,” she said with a shake of her head.

“You aren’t leaving this office without the discipline you and I both know you deserve,” he said firmly just before he vaulted over the desk, landing lightly on his feet right in front of her.

Max screamed and made another mad dash to the door in an effort to escape her fate but he caught her with ease.

“Uh, uh, uh,” he said as he caught her around the waist and hauled her to the chair, managing to sit down and pull her down over his thighs in almost one movement. “You and I have some business to settle, little lady.”

“You can’t!” she wailed, trying to twist away from him to no avail.

Rafe simply rested his broad palm on her upturned bottom and asked, “Can’t do what?”

She froze over his lap. Good night, Irene! He was going to make her say it out loud!

“I can’t do what, Maxine?” The velvet-encased steel was back in his voice.

“You can’t… you can’t…” She stopped, near tears, helplessly hanging over his knees.

“Can’t what?”

Finally she slumped in defeat, knowing Rafe would wait until she said it. “Spank me.” She sniffed miserably.

“With pleasure,” he said with a grin and began pulling up her skirt to reveal the target area.

“No! I said you can’t spank me!” she screamed.

“I could have sworn I just heard your sweet voice ask me to spank you.”

“C-A-N-T, I said you can’t spank me!” she yelled in alarm.

“Watch me, little girl,” Rafe said, dispensing with her skirt and panties almost before she knew what was happening.

Max hadn’t thought her embarrassment could get worse, but that was before she realized he was looking down at her humongo bare bottom.

“No, Rafe!”

“Yes, Maxine. I think you deserve at least as much as Miss Amanda got, don’t you?” he asked almost conversationally as he skimmed a hand lightly across her bottom almost as if he liked what he saw…

She started squirming almost desperately, trying in vain to get away. “Stop!”

“Stop? I haven’t even started. Don’t be so impatient,” he scolded before lifting his hand and smacking it back down on her posterior.

Her whole body jerked in response. “Owwww!”

Rafe tucked her in tight and began to deliver a thorough and blistering hand spanking. Max was still yelling ‘no’ into about the twentieth smack; by the thirtieth she was simply yelping in tune to whatever beat was playing in his head.

Max couldn’t believe how much it hurt! He paid special attention to the tender area where her bottom met her thighs, leaving her wailing over his lap. He was lighting a fire she knew would last awhile.

Maxine Reynolds knows it is careless to read naughty stories on her phone will driving, but she is utterly shocked by the consequences when she rear-ends ex-CIA agent Rafe Jennings, the head of security at her place of work. After scolding her for her reckless and unacceptable behavior, he proceeds to give her exactly what she needs—a long, hard, thoroughly embarrassing bare-bottom spanking followed by a belt whipping over the edge of his desk.

After her punishment, Rafe informs Maxine that from now on he’ll be making it his business to keep her in line, and though she protests, she cannot help recognizing that his guidance makes her feel safer and more loved than she’s ever felt before. Still, she can’t let herself believe that he could be genuinely interested in her or that he sees her as more than a girl who needs his help.

Yet once he takes her into his arms and claims her fully, Maxine begins to wonder if maybe he truly does want her as his own. But when Rafe is sent overseas for one last mission, her fears send her into a spiral of self-destruction. Will he return in time to rescue Maxine from herself?

Publisher’s Note: Unacceptable Behavior is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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