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"Who's in charge?" Protected and Punished: New release by Shelly Douglas


Addy: Thank you for coming over! I wish you the best of luck with your new release. The cover is hot, and so is the snippet. Come back anytime!
Shelly Douglas: Thanks so much for having me on your blog!  We’re so excited to see Protected and Punished published and really appreciate the opportunity to visit with you. ::smiles::
There’s really not much needed to set-up this scene, so I’ll  be brief:
Mika and Jackson had just finished dinner in her favorite Thai restaurant.  Their last date had been in his apartment, and though he had walked her home before, this was the first time he had been invited inside to see how she lived.  


As they walked into the door, Mika threw her keys on a small table in the hall and kicked her stilettos off. “Make yourself at home, Jackson, I’ll be right back.”
He looked around the spacious room and sighed. “What’s the square footage in this place? I’ll bet your bathroom is the same size as my entire apartment.”
“Would you like the fucking fifty-cent tour?” She came around the corner, placed her hands on her hips, and crossed her eyes.
“I think someone needs to have their backside warmed.” He put his foot up on a large leather ottoman and hauled her over his knee. She yelped in surprise as her dress inched upward, revealing a luscious bare bottom.
“Hmm. I guess this would take care of any panty line worries. Lift that gorgeous tush up, please.” His large hand landed a healthy swat right in the middle of her plump white globes.
“Jackson, nooo,” she squealed as her bare feet fluttered in the air.
“Hush. We don’t need your neighbors calling the cops,” he said jokingly, lifting an eyebrow. His hand made direct contact with her behind several times as he lectured on the importance of respect. When Mika’s bottom was sufficiently heated, he gently placed her feet back down on the floor. Looking him in the eyes, she wrapped her arms around Jackson’s neck and seductively pointed in the direction of her bedroom.
Sitting on the large king-size bed, he unbuttoned his white oxford shirt and watched her curvy body shimmy out of the colorful fitted dress. Maintaining eye contact, Mika sat in front of him and unhooked the back of her bra as he loosened his belt and pulled the stiff brown leather through the loops. Mesmerized, she enjoyed every minute of their sensual scene as he slowly unzipped his khaki pants. Instantly, Jackson’s cock sprung outward, and she smiled at his decision to also go commando that evening.
As they touched foreheads, his sapphire blue eyes burrowed deep into her dark, almond-shaped brown ones. At that moment, she never felt so protected and safe. But as he seized her mouth, Jackson’s eyes grew dark and feral. Lifting her legs, he curled them around his hips and touched the tip of his smooth, seeping cock to her warm, moist entrance as she reclined onto the large pillow.
“Are you okay with me going bareback?”
She moaned in agreement as he tenderly guided himself inside her swollen flesh, but her next intake of breath was audible as he drove himself forward, deep and strong. With a steady and unhurried rhythm, he continued moving in and out of her narrow channel, his hands cupped under her hot, soft ass.
“You’re my girl,” he muttered, pulling out most of the way, only to thrust his throbbing length deep into her again. “And I’m gonna fuck my girl good and hard.”
As her muscles tightened around him, she skillfully grinded her clitoris against his hard cock. Shifting her head to the side, she let out a lustful groan.
“Mika,” he warned as he dipped his head toward hers. “Don’t even think about coming, yet.”
“Oh, my God, are you kidding? I’m going to come right now.” Her body writhed on the mattress as she attempted to grab the tightly fitted sheet.
“If you come… I’ll spank you.”
She looked at him with one eye open. “That’s not funny.”
He placed sweet kisses on her cheek and nipped an earlobe with his teeth. “It wasn’t meant to be. Do you really want another spanking today?”
“No?” he whispered in her ear.
“No, sir.”
“Good girl. Now try to relax, so I can get to know you better.”
Keeping his hands underneath her, he ran his warm and wet tongue down between her breasts and over her soft tummy, until he reached the outer engorged lips of her smooth pussy.
“Jackson, don’t do that. You aren’t playing fair.”
“Shh… be still.” They both knew she was never going to hold out. The tip of his tongue circled around her hard clit and then delved lower, fucking her with wild abandon. She wrapped her legs around his neck and bucked against him until she began to pulsate.
As Jackson’s head lifted to meet her eyes, the edges of his lips curved upward. “I do believe you’re throbbing, bad girl.” He waved his finger at her in admonishment, and then made a circular motion with it as he sat back on his haunches.
“Turn over. Now.”
After an exaggerated eye roll, Mika tumbled over and placed her hands on the stiff mattress, allowing Jackson to take charge and guide her body onto all fours. She felt his hands pull her hips upward, raising her round bottom high in the air, and he pushed her shoulders down. Reaching for a small tube of gel in his pants pocket, he coated his finger and tapped the cool, wet tip against her anus before effortlessly sliding it all the way in. She gasped as her reddened face rubbed against the soft sheet and grabbed the puffy comforter as he dramatically continued moving his finger in and out of her small, silky hole.
“You’re so fucking tight.” Finally, he removed his finger, wiped it on the sheet and slapped her ass hard. She winced and wiggled, and he slapped her hard, again.
“Who’s in charge?”
“You are.”
“That’s right, sweetness.” He generously slathered his swollen cock and pressed it to her moist rosebud. “Is my bad girl ready to be fucked here?”
“Yes, sir.”
He inched in slowly while applying another sharp smack to her bottom as she lowered her hips and let out a soft moan. “Oh, my God, Jackson. It hurts.”
“You need to relax and let me in, baby.” Jackson tenderly ran his hands underneath her hips, raising them back up in the air. As he continued further into her dark, forbidden passage, the pain finally subsided and she began to press back into him, wanting more.
“That’s my girl.” With long, deep strides, he drove his hard cock in and out of her anus without taking his eyes off of her blotchy red bottom. “I love this sexy, spanked ass when it’s up in the air.” He skillfully moved his fingers and stroked her hard, soaked clit.
“Oh, my God, I’m going to come again.”
“Let go, Mika. Fuck, I’m coming, baby. I’m coming now.”
With one final thrust, he threw his head back and let out a low guttural groan, spraying deep inside as a strong, pounding orgasm engulfed her. Neither of them attempted to move until he became soft inside her. After he slid his flaccid cock out, he kissed the velvety skin between her shoulders and their bodies intertwined, relaxed and comfortable.
“Now, you’re all mine,” he whispered.
When Mika Settler learns that there is a serial killer targeting mature women in Manhattan and starts to worry that she might be a target, she decides it might be wise to seek out Jackson McKenna, a Navy SEAL turned police detective with whom she recently became acquainted. The two hit it off, and before she knows it Mika is falling head over heels in love with the handsome cop.

Mika has always longed for a no-nonsense man who will not hesitate to take her in hand, and it quickly becomes clear that Jackson fits the bill perfectly. He is fully prepared to give her exactly what she needs, even when that means baring her bottom for a good, hard spanking when he feels it necessary.

Jackson’s firm-handed discipline only increases Mika’s desire for him, and he soon proves more than capable of leaving her completely satisfied and utterly spent yet somehow still longing for more. But the murderer is still on the loose, taunting Jackson personally from time to time, and Mika’s fiery, obstinate attitude isn’t going to make solving the case any easier for him. Can Jackson hunt down the killer before Mika becomes the next victim?

Publisher’s Note: Protected and Punished is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author Bio:

Shelly Douglas is not one person, but two! Shelly and Doug are longtime friends and over the years have shared a love of reading spy and murder mystery novels. One night after sharing a bottle of wine, they decided to write a spanking romance novella laced with erotica. Now the stories are flowing out of their heads! Having a man and woman's perspective made for interesting collaborative writing experiences that resulted in books they hope their readers will enjoy.
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