Thursday, December 17, 2015

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#BlushingBooks A Holiday Ruse Rayanna Jamison

I'm thrilled to share a snippet from Rayanna's new release, A Holiday Ruse. She has the most gorgeous cover! Congrats your book is already tearing up the charts and has lots of great reviews. Come back anytime, you are always welcome.


And then Carlton had to go and say something like that—threatening to spank her for real! He wouldn’t, though, and she could prove it.

“Well, since you mention it, Carlton, I may have a few more little white lies that I need to tell you about.” She smirked when Carlton turned a sharp gaze in her direction, still managing to keep one eye on the road. “You know how I said that Corbin’s Bend was an exclusive community for like-minded people?”


“Well, the thing that they have in common is that they are all spankophiles.”

“Spankophiles? What in the heck is a spankophile?”

Cecily bit back a laugh, knowing her husband was being deliberately obtuse. “Carlton, you have a doctorate degree. I’m sure you can figure out the meaning of spankophile.”

“Oh, I can. It’s just…seriously? And you’re telling me this now? We’re going to some kink community for Thanksgiving? Is the turkey going to be trussed up in leather and blindfolded?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never been to Thanksgiving in Corbin’s Bend,” she replied sweetly.

Her husband’s only response was a deep throated growl, the likes of which she had never heard from him. Uh-oh.

“Wait a minute, is this some sort of joke? You expect me to believe that your mother, the sweet older lady that I met, is involved in some sort of fetish club? Into leather, and handcuffs, and whips and all that?”


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Blurb: (Part of Corbin's Bend Season Four)

Cecily has been telling little white lies for years, both to her husband Carlton, and her mother Venia. With her husband on another continent, and her mother across the country in Corbin’s Bend, what could the harm be?

Everything seems fine until Carlton gets transferred to Denver, and they decide to spend the holidays with her mom in Corbin’s Bend. Carlton doesn’t tolerate lying- and he refuses to stretch the truth to accommodate the lies she has already told, one of which is letting her mother believe that her and Carlton also practice domestic discipline. Cecily can’t bear to strain their already tenuous relationship by admitting the truth, so Carlton offers a solution. When in Corbin’s Bend, do as they do.

She doesn’t count on being there longer than a week, and she certainly doesn’t plan on falling for the town, the people in it, OR her husband’s new dominant ways. Will Cecily’s web of lies lead her to everything she has ever wanted?

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