Thursday, December 10, 2015

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#BlushingBooks Wrapping up Christmas Ashlynn Kenzie "Come here, baby."

I am so happy to share a snippet from Wrapping up Christmas by Ashlynn Kenzie.

It will be offered via Blushing Books on December 14th! Be sure to grab your copy!



Keryn dropped her head, staring at the hands knotted in her lap. Then she slowly reached for the hairbrush and held it out to him.

Mark shifted slightly on the couch, his throat suddenly dry and his heart beating fast. He prayed he was doing the right thing.

“Come here, baby,” he said quietly and she looked deeply into his eyes, saw the love there, and placed herself carefully over his lap.

He saw the muscles in her thighs tighten when he pulled up her nightgown and pooled it a the small of her back.

“You didn’t say it was going to be like this,” she protested.

“No, I didn’t. But there are three reasons for a bare-bottom spanking, Keryn. First of all, it really does hurt a little more when there’s nothing between you and the smacks. Second, it adds to the embarrassment, just as being over my lap probably does. But, most important from a safety standpoint, it lets me know exactly where I need to put the brush down and when I need to stop. I want you to understand something before we go any further. This spanking is going to hurt. A lot. But it won’t cause any injury or even any pain that doesn’t go away fairly soon. You’ll be sitting carefully for a few hours, maybe, and you’ll have some visual reminders if you care to look in the mirror, but none of that will be as important as the impression it makes on your mind. I want you to remember exactly how you feel with your bare bottom over my lap right now, knowing what got you here…”



My own efforts as a writer started with the first adult novel I ever read, “Gone With the Wind.” Of course, I already knew what I liked, even as an early adolescent. What I dreamed about. What I wished Rhett had done to that snippy Scarlet at her brattiest. What I yearned, as I grew older and bolder in my fantasies, for someone to do to me and to be to me. What I finally had to find an outlet in writing about.

It just took me a while to dare to make it public.

In the meantime, I married and raised a family and pursued a career in more mainline writing circles. But all the while, I rehearsed the genre I came to know as “spanking erotica” in my head, and even committed some of it to paper.
Most of my efforts take the form of short stories and essays. You can find them noted below. But I will be particularly pleased if you explore the trilogy that tells the story of Andee Carlisle and Nick Benjamin. “Reading Her Heart,” “Leading Her Home” and “Exceeding Her Hopes” represent my first adult attempts at a novel experience. There have been others, but they were both juvenile and very vanilla, since I was too embarrassed to acknowledge where my needs were leading me and too innocent to realize I had many fellow travelers.

In addition to the trilogy listed above (with the third book scheduled for publication in early 2016), I have also published an anthology of short stories and essays related to our favorite theme with Blushing Books. It is called “Finely Disciplined Thoughts.” And my personal story was included in BB’s “Confessions of a Spanking Author.”

When I am not otherwise engaged, I hang out with the fun folks at Devlin O’Neill’s place, which can be accessed at


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