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#SpankingRomance "Do you wish for spanking so soon, naughty girl?" Megan Michaels

Megan Michaels is over sharing a romantic snippet from her brand new release, Colorado Christmas (Service & Submission Book 4) Congrats! Come back anytime.


Caroline and Maxim were the last to enter the great room before their ride to the Christmas Chalet. The men and women were all bedecked in their Christmas regalia, everyone looking spectacular. The women were in either red, or red and white accented dresses. Christmas red. That was how Caroline would have described her silk dress, long and flowing with bare shoulders. Maxim had put her day collar on, a delicate silver chain with a heart shaped ruby stone that matched her dress perfectly. She’d been tempted to put her hair up off her shoulders, but Maxim loved her hair down and he’d begged her to keep it that way, the weight of it cascading down her back. The men all had black tuxes with red ties, just as Maxim did.

Avery had a full length red chiffon dress with a column neckline, with ruching of the fabric on the side of the dress between her waist and breasts. With her dark hair and hourglass figure, the dress was absolutely stunning.

Caroline found herself almost giddy with excitement about this surprise dinner Maxim had planned for them.

“Before our ride gets here, you women will need coats.” He went to the closet and pulled out three hangers that held beautiful long-sleeved white faux fur coats that went to their hips.

“Oh my, Maxim. You did this for us?” Avery turned to Preston, her eyebrows furrowed.

“Maxim, let us help pay for some of this,” Preston said. “This is way too exorbitant.”

“We will hear of no such thing. This dinner is something I planned to surprise my future wife and to thank you all for this wonderful vacation. Please, it is our pleasure.” He handed them the coats, the men helping their women into them.

It was at that moment that Caroline heard Christmas bells. “Listen! It sounds like Santa.” She giggled. The sound came closer and closer, and she walked to the window just as a covered sleigh pulled up in front of the chalet. It was shiny red with lit lanterns on the front and rear, the horses decked out with red reins accented with large, brass bells. It was something right out of a Christmas storybook.

“M-Maxim? Is this our ride?” At that comment, Inga and Avery rushed to the window.

“Yes, I thought it would be nice to take a little sleigh ride. It isn’t far, and they said they have heated blankets and foot warmers inside to keep you warm. If you do not want it, we can call taxi.”

“A taxi? Are you fucking nuts?” Avery threw a hand up to her mouth, her eyes widening.

Maxim stalked over to her, pinching her chin in his hand. “Do you wish for spanking so soon, naughty girl?”

“N-no, Sir. I apologize, Sir.”

“You will watch your mouth tonight, or I ask for permission to whip your backside, yes?”

“Yes, Sir. I mean no, Sir. I won’t misbehave. Yes, I’ll watch my mouth.” Avery wrung her hands in front of her. Caroline felt a little bad for her, the woman looking truly frightened under the Russian’s scrutiny. But if anyone knew how Maxim could bring that out in a woman, it was Caroline.

“Good.” He released Avery’s chin. “We all now know that Avery wants to ride sleigh. How do you all feel?”

Everyone agreed that the sleigh ride would be perfect. Once inside the sleigh, they bundled all the women with blankets, the foot warmer under their feet for the cozy romantic ride to the Christmas Chalet.

Christmas lights wouldn’t be the only red, glowing globes on the snowy slopes of a Colorado ski resort.

Heading west to the mountains for a holiday vacation seemed the perfect way to finally get Inga and her friend Avery together. Even better, they’d both get to meet Caroline and her fearsome Russian master, Maxim. And while she knew they’d try to be on their best behavior, with all three of the strong, opinionated women in one place, there were likely to be more than a few sore bottoms before they all boarded their planes for the flight home.

But what might happen when three mischievous submissives and their strict, heavy-handed Doms get together? Would the already sexually-charged punishment sessions, stern lectures, and blush-inducing inspections go further than they had ever before? And what might those scary, shivers-inducing men come up with when three imaginative male minds are put together to address their womens’ collective need for discipline?

Though three sassy submissives always meant more excitement, three disciplinarians in one place might mean a whole lot more than just fun and frivolity in the fluffy, Colorado powder…

Publisher’s Warning: Intended for mature audiences. 18 and over only!

This sensuous romance contains explicit sexual situations, spanking, exhibitionism, and anal play. This book can be read as a standalone. Enjoyment of the novel will be enhanced by reading the previous entries in the series, but it’s not necessary.

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