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#StormyNightPublications Jaye Peaches: The Stolen Bride

Addy: Hi Jaye! I'm so glad you came over. Congrats on the release of your newest book. It sounds so hot, and I love the cover.

Jaye: Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I’m sharing an excerpt from my latest release – The Stolen Bride – a medieval romance that tells of Nadia’s arranged marriage to a Norman baron. The virgin bride isn’t quite as pure as he believes her to be, but that doesn’t dissuade him from his plan to give her to another man on their wedding night.

Addy: Oooh. I can't wait to read it!


He held her arms above the elbows and clung onto her. “I understand, Nadia, I do. You’re torn between your loyalty to Arnaud and your love for me. I suffered the same dilemma when Arnaud suggested how to repay his debt. My dignity told me not to do it, but when I saw you…. That resistance disintegrated. I don’t regret that decision. I don’t regret this one either.”

She twisted in his grasp. “I don’t know, Edgar. It is easy for you to say you don’t regret your choices. I might have run away from the convent when I chose, but I also chose to return each time, and not because I feared the prioress and her hellish switch. I feared each time that I’d made the wrong decision.”

Then, let me remind you of your choices, since you’ve forgotten what brought you here.” He walked her backwards until she knocked against a nearby beech tree. He’d little time to show her. It would have to be swift and hard. Hitching up her skirts, he raked his fingers up her leg, between her inner thighs. She gasped and attempted to push him away with her bound hands.

Not here. Not now.” She wriggled, ineffectively and half-heartedly. No matter how hard she tried to move, she couldn’t escape his embrace. She also refused to look at him and flickered her eyelids, ignoring his intense gaze.

Edgar placed his foot between her feet and forced her legs apart. He gave a yank on her rope and hoisted her wrists above her head, then with the other hand, he dove between her legs. With his strong body pressed against her, he spoke. “I have this hunger, Nadia. Only you can feed it.” He cupped his palm around her sex and her juices leaked onto it. He had her trapped, not only by his body, but by her lust.


Eighteen-year-old Nadia loathes the dreary routine of life in a convent, and though sneaking out risks earning her a firm chastisement with the prioresses’ birch, that is a small price to pay for a taste of freedom. When her father gives her a chance to leave the convent behind forever if she weds Lord Arnaud, the Baron of Uxley, she agrees to the arrangement, certain that even marrying a man twice her age is better than taking vows as a nun.

To Nadia’s shock, however, after a handsome adventurer named Edgar saves Lord Arnaud from a band of murderous robbers, as a reward for his courage Arnaud invites his rescuer to both the wedding and the wedding night. Knowing that his love for his late wife will keep him from properly consummating his new marriage, the voyeuristic baron would prefer to watch Edgar claim Nadia himself.

But when Lord Arnaud becomes convinced that Nadia has been lying about her purity, the young bride finds herself stripped bare and blushing crimson as she is made to submit to an intimate, humiliating examination in front of both Arnaud and Edgar. The exam confirms her deception, and she is punished with a painful, embarrassing spanking on her bare bottom before Edgar takes her long and hard in front of her new husband.

Despite Nadia’s shame at her body’s response to Edgar’s dominance, she can’t help wondering what it would be like to belong to him completely. But when Edgar ties her up and steals her from the baron’s home, intent on keeping her as his own, will Nadia seek to escape him or will she embrace a new life on the run as his stolen bride?

Publisher’s Note: The Stolen Bride is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Author Bio:

I'm an author of erotic D/s romances including Amazon bestsellers. All my books contain an element of BDSM, spankings or erotic games of sensual exploration. If you desire a little thrill, something to entice, then please take the time to read one of my books. Thank you!
When not writing, I’m busy spending time with her family, enjoying music, sometimes composing or drawing and if the weather allows, gardening.

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