Friday, December 30, 2016

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#Free for 24hrs #BlushingBooks Claudia's Revolution "I bet he'd spank you!"

I'm sharing a tasty snippet from Claudia's Revolution. It's FREE from Blushing Books today for 24 hours! In the scene below Claudia and her best friend are following their annual tradition of creating a New Year's resolution list.

“You can't put that on your list!” Claudia shoved her friend sideways, not hard enough to knock her off the couch, but more than a gentle push. “It's not proper!”
“Fine. I'll cross off anal pleasures.”
“I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I didn't write that, it was just a fun idea.” Hayley pouted over at her. “Besides, if I did write it, Chase would definitely take this as a to-do list.”
“What? You plan on showing your list to him?” Claudia balked. “Why? What would you accomplish?”
“You're acting extremely odd. Why wouldn't I show him?”
“I'm going to burn mine. First thing tomorrow.” Claudia peeked into the bottle of champagne but it was empty. At least that one was only half full when they started.  “I don't know why you think it would be a good idea.”
“I always tell Chase what's on my mind. If something is bugging me, or there is a problem to work through, I just talk to him about it. Don't you and Logan talk?”
“He's away so much,” she replied softly. “I don't like to bring up issues when he's home. I just let him think I’ve got it all under control.”
“You mean you lie to him? Right? Let him think everything is fine.” Hayley shook her head. “I'm not judging you, CJ. I just wish you could open up a little.”
“Maybe one day. Oh my gosh.” She sheepishly glanced over the numbered statements again. At the top she scrawled, Claudia's Revolutions. “Look at this. I must have had too much to drink.” Claudia thrust it into her friend's face.
“Claudia's Revolutions. I like the sound of that. I think it's a long time coming. Wait, seriously?” Hayley snatched the paper from her hand. “You want Logan to be more dominant? And you're not going to show him this?”
“Give it back. Come on, it's not...I didn't mean...don't look at it!” She grabbed for the list back, but her friend played keep-away with it. “Hayley! Come on!”
“If you really want him to get on board with things, you have to show him!” Hayley got up and off the couch. “Seriously! You want Logan to hold you accountable for things? Do you mean what I think you mean? I bet he'd spank you! Chase has given him tips in the past, I mean so I've heard when they're on the phone and stuff. I totally thought the two of you were already into the same sort of things we are.”
“Hayley!” Claudia finally wrangled the list away from her friend. “No fucking way! I would never allow it.”
“Whoa! Someone's got her panties in a bunch.” Hayley giggled. “Such salty language for a proper lady!”
“You're incorrigible! Don't you dare tell Chase or Logan about this! I will seriously fucking deny it.”
“Two fucks in a row? There's my CJ!”
“CJ is never coming back.” Claudia crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it across the room. “So, don't get any ideas.” She huffed, then slowly stretched her legs out on the cushions.
“You're my best friend, no matter what, but I hope you and Logan work your stuff out. Then maybe you won't be so uptight.” Hayley curled up so her head rested on Claudia's shins. “I hope you know I meant that with love.”
“I get it. I'm sorry I cursed at you. And I'm sorry about the crap from before. I'll make it up to you.”
“You better.” 


Claudia Burke prides her twenty-nine year old self on always knowing about the latest gossip in her community. She also strives to keep up the appearance of a well-to do house wife until she has lost her sense of self, and becomes a snobbish clone like the other women who reside in her upscale neighborhood, Lilac Meadows. Her tragic past creeps up after she gets too tipsy on New Year’s Eve with her best friend, and the truth reveals itself. It will take more than just material objects to help Claudia accept her grief, and move through it.

At thirty-one years old, Logan Burke is one of the youngest pilots for Prime Airways. Exciting as it is, being an airline captain results in adjusting to an ever-changing schedule. He offers to work during the busiest time of the year to bring in a nice bonus, but it keeps him away from his wife during the holidays.

Logan returns early to surprise his wife, but has been thinking about their recent struggles while he was away. With two full weeks of down time before his next shift, there will be plenty of time to explore their most carnal desires, as well as set rules and dish out consequences.

Will this new revolution change their relationship for better or for worse?

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