Sunday, December 18, 2016

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His Winter Princess #blushingbooks #hiswinterprincess "Would you like me to give you a spanking?"

I love reading winter stories. The holidays are not my favorite time of the year, and so I love escaping into a book where you get a happy ever after. I also have a brand new novella coming out very soon! It is based around New Year's Eve - well past the stress of the season. It's super sexy! More details, naughty snippets, and teasers - Coming Soon! To whet your appetite, I am sharing a snippet of my first Christmas time story, His Winter Princess. It's only $2.99 from Amazon! Buy links below. 

Sexy Snippet:

"I have another question first. Do you engage in the types of relationships you mentioned?" She took tiny sips from the mug so she didn't choke. 


Audra waited for him to elaborate, but he didn't offer further explanation. Could he possibly mean if they got into a relationship that she could expect the same type of dynamic?  "I've been thinking a lot about what you described tonight." She leaned back in her chair as well. "Everyone seemed so happy and in tune with each other the other night. The men and women you could just feel all the love in the room. Seriously, it was amazing. Even after I ran out, when I returned, no one seemed to judge me."  Audra shook her head. "I'm, uh babbling."

 "You haven't answered my question yet." Clay dropped his arms. "Are you asking for your own sake? Or is it just because you have questions but no real interest there?"

 "I know you hired me just to serve some food at a posh party, but I felt a real connection with your friends. Yeah, I do this winter fairy get-up in a social setting, but I'm not good at going out and actually meeting people like I sort of explained before. So tonight, before everything happened, Amanda gave me her phone number. I found out she and I have a great love of poetry readings. We're going to the local library together next week to attend one. It's really unusual for me to make plans. I'm not good at keeping them. If she got me to open up enough to want to hang out, then I can't judge her or anything." 

"You're dancing around the question, Audra." 

She rubbed a finger along the mug, then along the table. How the hell did she answer him? Why did his voice alone make her want to beg him for more?  "I want to know how it feels. The rules, the guidance, the punishments. All of it." Audra risked a glance but then dropped her head down at her confession. She heard his chair shuffle along the floor, then found her chin tilted upwards, caught between the thumb and pointer finger of his right hand. 

 "Would you like me to give you a spanking?" 

Audra gulped hard. After a moment her breath came out in gasps and she blinked up at him wordlessly. He looked so serious and sincere, but she couldn't bring herself to answer. Finally, she nodded twice. 

"Verbally answer me, please." 

"Uh, yeah." Huge waves of heat washed over her and beads of sweat trickled down from her brow. 
"Yes, please." 

"Come over to the couch with me." Clay let go of her chin and held out his hand. 

She hesitantly placed hers in his and let him lead her to the couch. 

"If you are uncomfortable at any time, for any reason, I want you to tell me. Am I understood?" He dropped her hand, then removed his suit jacket.  What he did next sent delicious shivers up and down her spine. First, he unbuttoned his dress shirt at the wrist and slowly rolled it up to his elbow. Clay repeated the action with his left sleeve, then sat down on the couch. He patted his thigh, another gesture which sent more shivers, but this time they went all over her body.   

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