Cora&Zoey: F/f Romance beginning

This story originally appeared as part of the second round in the Hot-Off blog. It is 500 words and could branch into a full story. Enjoy!


Cora closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of coconut as the young woman behind her lathered the shampoo into her hair. It smelled so rich that she could almost taste the Pina colada it reminded her of. She had a random thought about sitting on a beach with the salon girl clinking drinks and laughing when the other woman dug her fingers into her long brown tresses and kneaded them against her scalp. This is heaven, Cora decided as she relaxed into the chair. The woman had amazing hands.

“What else do you do with your hands?” The fingers paused in their task and suddenly warm water flooded over the top of her scalp. Had the woman rinsed because of her awkward question? She meant to ask what type of hobbies she was into and instead it sounded vaguely sexual. “I mean they're great.”

A soft chuckle sounded over her head following by a cute snort. “Ah, do you mean like in my other job?”

Cora grunted as she tried to think of a proper response. How stupid she sounded! Did this woman get propositioned by weirdos in her beauty chair all the time? “I never take time for myself. You just made me feel so relaxed.”

“I'm Zoey.” Her voice reminded her of tinkling bells, high pitched but melodic. “I do photography but I don't have a studio yet. I just kinda set up in a hotel room and drape pretty clothes over half naked women.”

“What?” Cora opened her eyes, completely forgetting that the other woman had a spray hose aimed there and soap ran into them. “Oh!”

“I'm so sorry!” Zoey appeared alarmed in her blurred vision. “Let me help.”

Cora's eyes stung badly from the shampoo but in seconds cool drops of water were flushing it out. She blinked several times and finally the burning stopped. Zoey's face was now inches from hers and she could see concern etched in her features.

“My specialty is boudoir sessions. I take several poses and then I paint one of them on canvas.” Zoey patted her eyes with a soft dry cloth. “I didn't mean to startle you.”

“I didn't expect that sort of answer. I worded my question oddly and...” Cora could no longer think with this adorable punky woman with dip-dyed purple and pink hair staring at her. How did she not notice her when she walked in?

“I'd love to paint you. Let me do a session? Free, of course, since I almost blinded you.” Zoey moved back behind the chair without her answer. “Move your head back so I can condition you.”

“Condition me to say yes?” Cora smirked as she leaned back. “I would have said it anyway.” Zoey's fingers returned to her head and a warm vanilla scent filled the air as the cream saturated her hair.

“Cool. Then you can really see what I do with my hands.”


Cora flipped her hair over her shoulders again and sent the subtle smell of coconut into the air. She fondly remembered Zoey's long fingers as they massaged into her scalp, along with the small talk.


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