Kaylin's Magical Adventure : Meeting Eldrin

The first 500 words of this story first appeared at the Hot-Off Blog. I have a short story brewing and will add it to as I go. This is a supernatural themed spanking romance. Kaylin is a human and Eldrin is an elf/fae type of creature with magical spells and elements. Enjoy!

Chapter One

Kaylin traced the old wooden door with her fingertips and trailed downwards, searching for a doorknob but found none. She dreamed about a dark cherry-wood one last night and though not usually inclined to fanciful whims followed the urge to search for it. Now here it stood without a way to enter.

“Of all the things...” She inhaled deeply then pictured it open and inviting. Kaylin held her arm straight out, closed her eyes and took a step.

To her immense surprise she entered into a dimly lit shop with bottles of all shapes, various sizes, some filled with glowing liquid in nearly every shade of the rainbow and more. She spied a purple bottle in the shape of tear drop and hesitantly wrapped her fingers around it.

“Just what the hell do you think you're doing!?” A grumpy, irritated voice cracked across the space while a decrepit man shambled towards her seemingly out of nowhere.

She startled then let go of the pretty amethyst vial and could only watch in horror as it smashed beautifully against the concrete floor. “Oh! I'm so sorry!”

“Do you know how much my potions are worth? How did you get in here? You stupid cow!”

She sobbed as the realization of what her breaking and entering then damaging goods would sound like to law enforcement. “I followed a dream!”

“Show me what you did to enter.” His voice cracked again and sounded even grumpier than before.

“I pictured coming through in my mind.” Kaylin shrugged and repeated her earlier actions. “I swear I'll pay you!”

“Tell me of this dream.” A much softer though deeper voice commanded.

She nodded through her tears than yanked her arm back as if burned. A tall, blond haired, muscled man stood where the old man had been seconds earlier. His eyes were a dazzling light blue that appeared to glow as if some mystical power lit them from inside and his ears were oddly pointed.


“It's a spell but first explain.”

She couldn't take her eyes off him and simply shrugged. “I don't know.”

“Do you know what I do to women who force themselves into my sanctuary and destroy my goods?” He touched the side of her hip and pulled her back into reality.

“No, what?” She squeaked as his fingers reached around and drummed against her bottom.

“They work off the cost of the broken items. But first,” his tone dipped lower, “they get punished.”

“Who are you? What punishment?” Kaylin inhaled sharply as he leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“I'm Eldrin and I mean physically," he tapped his hand against each cheek to punctuate his message. “I cannot replicate the potion you spilled so we better get used to each other.”

“Great," she replied now curious of his threat and for what plans he had in store. 
Kaylin grumbled as Eldrin led her through a maze of halls, but did her best to keep up to his pace."Why would I dream about this place if I only meant to bring destruction?"

"Your little attitude is cute at the moment, but it won't be when your bottom is in the air."

"Just what do you mean by that?" Kaylin tried to picture herself bent in such a fashion without being spanked like a naughty child, but failed. He could not possibly mean that!

"Listen, little one, you seem to think this all happened by chance, but I assure you it did not. Let's get properly adjusted to the rules, then we can move on and I will explain everything." Eldrin smiled warmly and a wave of heat washed over her face. The idea of him punishing her physically made her thighs tremble.


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