"Love Spanks"

“Love Spanks”

“I don’t know why you put so much time into Valentine’s Day.” Darla was scoffing as her best friend held up pair after pair of dark red, heart shaped napkin holders. “Don’t think about last year, come on, we have to get going.”

Brooke spun on the heel of her well worn black boots and opened her mouth to tell Darla that she did not care about Valentine’s any longer especially when last year had turned into the worst breakup of her life when it all came roaring back.

One year earlier

Brooke pulled her long blond hair into a tight French twist. She fully intended on removing the clips that held it up at exactly the precise moment so that it would cascade down her shoulders later on in the evening. She had butterflies in her stomach as she studied her hair one last time before leaving the bedroom. Her boyfriend Travis, a surgeon from Valley General Hospital, had a rare night off and had promised that he would be over at six pm on the dot. Brooke checked her make-up in the small bathroom mirror and gave another swipe of gloss on top of her already pink splashed lips. It was a new shade that complimented her green eyes perfectly and she gave her reflection a smile before hurrying into the kitchen. Brooke forgot that her feet were still clothed in slipper socks and she slid from the doorway into her fridge. “Damn it.” Brooke muttered under her breath as her toes yelled in pain. She hopped up and down for a moment before taking the socks off completely and began to rummage through her junk drawer for her wine screw. Or was it wine corker? No, no, it had to be wine un-corker?

Regardless, the gadget appeared in her hands and she quickly dashed to the living room. Her condo did not have a formal dining room so she had to get creative. She moved her couch completely against the wall and shoved the small love-seat into her bedroom. In its space she had placed her small kitchen table and two chairs which were now draped in red and white lace. She had even gone out and purchased two chair cushions shaped like hearts. On a whim she also bought heart shaped confetti and sprinkled it on top of the table. Brooke added one slim red candle and two dark red cloth napkins that were tied in bright white heart shaped napkin rings.

She and Travis had been dating for over a year but they had never celebrated Valentine’s Day together. It was never convenient due to his insane hours and overtime but with his recent promotion he had a little more wiggle room when it came to that. Brooke let out a small sigh and glanced down at her ring finger on her left hand. It contained a small sterling silver ring, sprinkled with tiny pink diamonds. Travis had hinted about a month ago that he wanted to get her something that she had been wanting for a while and she had caught him eying her ring a few weeks prior.

Brooke glanced at the clock and lit the candle. It was five fifty-five and he would be here any minute. She moved quickly into the kitchen and double checked the food. The salad, topped with feta cheese and sliced strawberries was chilling in the fridge, the appetizer, crusted bread with fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes, was sitting on the counter along with the shrimp cocktail and sauce. She had made his favorite chicken and broccoli Alfredo from scratch without the assistance of a can of cream of mushroom soup along with a side of fresh roasted asparagus. Brooke clapped her hands, it all smelled so delicious! She was careful walking back to her bedroom to avoid any further mishaps where she slid on her black criss-cross heels. Brooke smirked as she caught a glimpse of her bed. She had lightly sprayed the sheets and pillows with a soft musk and no doubt they would be rolling in it later on. Brooke took in a deep breath and smiled. She could not wait for Travis to arrive.


Hours had gone by, and Brooke had finally put away the last of the food. She had several glasses of wine, blown out the candles, and on top of that her French twist had visibly drooped. Brooke had been sitting on the couch just staring off into space. There was love songs playing softly on the radio that she had forgotten to turn off and she was fuming. How dare he stand her up without even so much as a text? There was a sharp tap on her door and Brooke stormed over to it. She threw open the door in a rage and turned back around to stomp back to the couch without saying hello. Travis followed close behind as he set down two small gifts on the table and sat down on the couch next to her.

“Brooke-“He started and Brooke crossed her arms in front of her.

“You could have let me know that you had more important things to do tonight.” She snapped quickly before realizing that he was still quite clearly dressed for work. He had a pair of green O.R. scrubs on that usually indicated his own clothes had been damaged or destroyed in some way.

“Brooke-“Travis started again but she got up from the couch and yanked the clips out of her hair, pulling several strands along with it.

“You told me that you did not have work today, but clearly you were there and I know that you are extremely important and all but I planned this for us! I spent all day making sure that everything was perfect and for all I know you were napping in a lounge somewhere!” Brooke snipped again while she finished off the glass of wine and shook out her hair.

“You are acting extremely immature considering the fact that I left you several voice mails and sent you a text as soon as I found out that I had to go in for a few hours. Sit down, and let’s talk about this.” Travis was a man of extreme patience and though his tone and demeanor was calm and collected it just added fuel to the fire that was already raging through her.

“I will not! If you had called or texted I would not be this upset!” Brooke stomped into the kitchen and began to look for her cell phone. “Today of all days, after all this work, and after all my planning!” Brooke yelled as she gave up the search for her cell phone and reached for the half full bottle of wine.

Travis had somehow managed to follow her into the kitchen and as she reached for it he decided to move it. “I think that you have had enough wine tonight.”

Brooke screeched like a banshee then and threw the wine glass at his feet. It smashed perfectly against her kitchen tiles and for a moment she simply stood in awe that she had broken her favorite glass.

“That’s it, Brookie, I’ve tried to talk to you, but now I’m going to show you just how ridiculous you are being. Then you are going to clean up this mess, and go to bed.” He grabbed her around the waist and picked her up and over his shoulder.

She was too shocked to argue as he sat down on the couch and easily flipped her over his knee. What in the hell was he expecting to do with her in such a position? Brook began to buck. “Let me up! What the fuck?” She felt Travis raise her dress, fight to lower her panty hose, and easily yank down her panties. She was not in a sexy position of any sorts and the quick slaps on her behind punctuated that point.

“You are long overdue for a spanking, Brookie, and I am very disappointed that you refuse to accept the fact that I did let you know immediately.” Travis was talking about something important but Brooke could only howl at the indignity of the situation.

“You let me up! You let go of me you fucking wife beater!” She kicked her heels into whatever part was closest to her when he flipped her completely onto his knee and took her face in his hands.

“I told you that I believe a man should take the one that he loves firmly in hand and guide her towards being the best woman that she can, but if you really believe that I would hurt you when I came over here, dead tired, after being trapped in a hospital for over sixteen hours, then you never really knew me at all.” Travis’s normally light gray eyes were stormy and Brooke knew in some rationale part of her brain that he would never deliberately cause her true pain.

Brooke pulled away from his hands. “Get out of my house.”

He had left after several minutes of staring at her in the same calm and collected manner that he always did. The presents were surprisingly untouched and Brooke only glanced at them for a moment before taking her heels off and throwing them at the door. “How dare you leave me?” She whimpered as she took in what had just played out. She had been an incorrigible brat with no regards to his day and he had still chosen to be with her. What the hell was she going to do now?


Back in the present Brooke had stopped fuming and was silently crying. “You don’t understand what he did that day!” She set the heart shaped napkin holders back on the shelf and they continued up the aisle. “I mean, I never told you what happened after I smashed the wine glass at his feet.”

Darla muttered under her breath. “I can only imagine, I mean if I did that…” She trailed off as they continued. “So what really happened, then, Brooke? What haven’t you told me?”

“He’s a Neanderthal! I mean after the glass thing ...” Brooke’s eyes darted around them to see if anyone was close enough to hear. “…he picked me up and flipped me over his lap like a freaking toddler.”

Darla stopped dead in her tracks and crossed her arms over her chest. “Then what happened after that Brooke? What did this monster do?” There was a hint of sarcasm there and Brooke wondered why.

“He started to spank me!” Brooke hissed through her teeth and under her breath. “Can you freaking imagine?”

Darla dropped her arms and smirked. “It’s about time. I was ready to send Jimmy to your house myself.” She continued to walk towards the registers while Brooke stood there with her mouth gapping open.

“You almost what? Do you mean that Jimmy would- what?” Brooke stuttered out and caught up to Darla. “Did you imply that you were going to send your husband to my house to do that same thing?”

Darla stopped again and turned casually to face her. “Your behavior has been rather awful, and though I wanted to tell you I thought that you would react much like you are now. You should go online sometime and read into it. There are women all over the world, strong women, career types, stay at home types, all types that allow their boyfriends or husbands to discipline them with physical consequences. Jimmy and I are closer since we started this then we were five years ago.” She poked at Brooke. “You should let Dr. sexy take the lead. You would be amazed at how fulfilling and satisfying a relationship with a dominating man can be.”

“I told him to get out. I threw a fit. I was awful.” Brooke felt the huge pit in her stomach grow bigger. She dropped her head as they made their purchases and made way to the parking lot. “I’m going to contact Travis. Maybe he’ll give me another chance.” She felt the tears threaten when Darla squeezed her tight.

“He’s a good man, Brooke, Jimmy and I both like him. Tell him you want him to guide you and believe me if you were that embarrassed you wouldn’t have told me at all.” Darla let go and winked. “Just let me know what happens okay?”

Brooke nodded and opened the car door. “I will, I promise.” She waved good-bye and hurried back to her apartment. She had research to do.


Brooke had spent hours of time looking into women who allow their men to spank them. There were blogs, and websites, and face book pages all dedicated to this thing called domestic discipline. Darla had been right; it was women of all ages, all career levels, those with kids, and those without, from all over! It had been enough to convince Brooke that if Darla, whom she trusted dearly and Travis, whom she still loved, had both been thinking along the same page that she should bite the bullet and go for it. Brooke had called up the hospital and tried to get Travis on the phone but she was informed that he was busy.

In a daring move she had called and set up a consultation. She had to give all of her real information, and looking back it was not the smartest thing, but she needed to see him badly. After twenty-five minutes of questions and verification she was able to pencil in the appointment on her planner. She prayed that he would not be upset for the slight lie, all right really big lie, but part of the tale was true. Though she had already had a second opinion on a odd x-ray months ago, she hoped he would overlook that once she explained why she was really there.

“Ugh!” Brooke plopped down on her couch and downed the rest of her wine. She just hoped he gave her a chance to explain. “Three days….” She mumbled out loud. “…then we’ll see.”


Three days had felt like an eternity to Brooke. She had taken care to pick out a conservative skirt and blouse set, as if it were a professional visit and nothing more. Brooke had arrived fifteen minutes early, filled out the necessary paperwork, and been ushered into Travis’s office where she took a seat at his desk. It was huge! She had learned that he had received another promotion just recently and that he did a lot more consultations than actual surgeries as of late. She was enamored with the smooth design that mingled perfectly with the color scheme that took the corporate edge off. It made her feel warm and relaxed inside and she startled when the door opened and shut quickly. Brooke gave a casual glance over her shoulder as he slowly walked towards the desk. She tried to appear nonchalant though she felt as if her heart was going to beat out of her chest as he stopped and touched her cheek. She looked up into those deep gray pools and blinked. He had a frown on his face, never a good sign, and she swallowed.

“You already had your slides evaluated by one of my colleagues, why are you here?” His black hair was cropped short and it set off his facial features perfectly.

Brooke swallowed again and opened her mouth. She had forgotten that the esteemed surgeon that she had gone to that assured her the x-ray was not a concern had actually been one of Travis’s friends. She blushed terribly as the heat rose up to her cheeks and she moved away from his hand so that she could study the lint on her skirt.


Her head snapped up at the mention of her name and she faltered. “I wanted you to come to dinner on Valentine’s Spank. “ He stared at her for an entire minute as her brain shoved the words back at her. “Uh, I mean that I want you to come to Valentine’s dinner, at my apartment on spankingday.” To his credit he kept those eyes locked on hers while she began to stutter. “I mean of course on Saturday! On Saturday, I really want you to come over.” She was wringing her hands and sweating.

Travis titled his head to the side and he regarded her with what appeared to either be growing interest or growing concern either way Brooke could not tell what he was thinking. “After a year, what has changed so much that you book yourself an appointment with me instead of just calling?”

Brooke inhaled sharply. “I was a brat, an awful brat, I mean I had good intentions but I didn’t listen to you, I never did, and I miss you.” She looked down again as her confession tumbled out. “I’m sorry; I should never have said those awful things.” She saw movement and felt him grab hold of her chin. He titled it until she was looking back up at him.

“Last time we were together you accused me of being a wife beater and told me that you never wanted anything to do with me again.” His voice held that delicious note of authority the one that she had grown to crave when they were dating and she flushed again.

“I was awful, I know, I don’t think that. I know that you would never do anything that would hurt me….and I talked to Darla and um she told me about some things.” Brooke bit her lip. She had researched her speech over and over in her head before falling into a fitful sleep last night and it was just coming out all wrong.

“If you want me to come over on Saturday then you are going to have to prove that the words you just said actually mean something.” Travis let go of her chin. “Stand up.”

Brooke felt an immediate wetness pooling in between her thighs as she stood up from the chair. She saw a hint of a smile underneath the order that he had delivered and she bit her lip again.

He took both of her hands in his and bent her over so that her palms were flat on his desk. “Do you know what I intend to do to you?” Travis whispered against her ear.

Brooke felt him raise her skirt up and she nodded. “You’re going to spank me for being so awful that night and for not reaching out to you sooner. I’ve thought about you every day.” Brooke sniffed as his fingers took hold of the thin layer of cotton protecting her butt and slid her panties completely down.

“Did you bring those gifts with you?” Travis had his hands planted firmly on her lower back and she mumbled with an affirmative response. “Are they in your purse?” She nodded again as one hand let go.

What on earth had he given her? She blinked as the two packages appeared on the desk. He nudged the odd flat package to her and she opened it as quickly as possible in such a position. It was a black leather paddle in the shade of a heart. Brooke squeaked as he slid the object away from her. “Are you angry with me?”

Travis tested the paddle once on each cheek before rubbing her lower back. “You disappointed me that night, Brookie, but no I was not angry you at you that night, or now.” She felt him move in his position and was met with several more smacks on each cheek.

The smacks continued over and over while Brooke rose up on her heels and yelped. “I trust you, Travis. I’m sorry I said such an awful thing!” She began to sob openly as he continued to rain the paddle down. She was sure that her butt was several shades of red by now and she yelled. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry that I was so awful! I love you!” She felt one more smack, harder than the others, on each cheek before the paddle was set back down in front of her. Her panties were raised and her skirt was lowered all while she continued to cry.

“I don’t want to punish you, Brookie, but you need discipline, and I thought that our relationship had been heading this way. Darla sent Jimmy to ask if I was into such a suggestion and I told him immediately that I was already looking to bring it up to you. Now, if you are still in such an agreeable mood, open the second.” Travis kissed the top of her forehead as he said this and she stood slowly.

Brooke wiped away her tears and sniffled. A Kleenex appeared in her hand and she dabbed at her eyes delicately. “All right, and I agree. I did some reading over the past few days and I am willing to put my…I mean do this thing with you.” She had almost said put my butt in your hands. She perched on the very edge of his desk as she opened the second present. After opening several rather odd shaped boxes she came across a small, square box. Her heart skipped a beat as she glanced up at Travis. “Is this what I think it is?”

Travis took the gift and opened it. It was indeed a modest white-gold band with a single brilliant diamond standing proudly in a princess setting. It took her breath away now as she studied it. It was exactly like the one that she had described well over a year ago that she used to try on in her mother’s bedroom when she was little. It was perfect. “I want to put this year behind us. I want you to let me lead. Will you do that, Brookie? Will you marry me?”

Brooke gave several nods while she relearned how to make her mouth and brain work in conjunction with each other. He had obviously trusted her enough that if she had opened it before now it would have been returned to him or this exact scenario would have played out. She gave another nod. “Yes! Yes, I do want to, and I will let you. Yes, I will marry you!” She gave a high pitch giggle as he carefully took out the ring and slipped it onto her left hand.

“I was hoping you would say that.” Travis took her up into his arms and gave her a kiss. “Let’s move forward, then, no more talk of the past.” He gave her nose a nuzzle and those gray eyes gave a sparkle that put the ring to shame. “Do you still want me to come over on Saturday?”

Brooke gave another giggle as he set her back on her feet. “Yes, Mr. sexy doctor Travis. I think that you should definitely come over.” She stood on tiptoe and planted another kiss on his lips. “In fact I think you should also do that tonight.”

“Mmmmm.” Travis gave a long kiss back. “I get out at eight tonight, order in, and keep your phone by you.” He gave her a wink. “I’m so glad to see that smile, Brookie.”

Brooke gave him one last kiss. “Thank you for knowing me so well, Travis. I’ll see you tonight.” With a sexy grin still playing on her lips she collected her things and nearly danced out of his office. She had just enough time to find something sexy for their first date!



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